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Published by SAGE Publishing in affiliation with the International Association for Communication and Sport, COMMUNICATION AND SPORT is a peer-reviewed research journal that  that publishes six bi-monthly issues each year to foster international scholarly understanding of the nexus of communication and sport. COMMUNICATION AND SPORT publishes research and critical analysis from diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives to advance understanding of communication phenomena in the varied contexts through which sport touches individuals, society, and culture. 

COMMUNICATION AND SPORT examines both communication in sport and the communication of sport by considering sport in light of communication processes, strategies, industries, texts, and reception.  COMMUNICATION AND SPORT welcomes studies of sport and media in mass and new media settings, research on sport in interpersonal, group, organizational, and other communication contexts, and analyses of sport rhetoric, discourse, and narratives.

COMMUNICATION AND SPORT encourages studies of sport communication and media from broad disciplinary vistas including sport studies/sociology, management, marketing, politics, economics, philosophy, history, education, kinesiology, health, as well as cultural, policy, urban, gender, sexuality, race, and ability studies.  COMMUNICATION AND SPORT is theoretically diverse, and articles featuring qualitative, quantitative, critical, historical, and other methods are equally welcome. 

COMMUNICATION AND SPORT is edited by Andrew C. Billings (University of Alabama, USA) and Marie Hardin (Pennsylvania State University, USA).  Associate Editors are Kenon A. Brown (University of Alabama, USA), Toni Bruce (University of Auckland, NZ), Michael L. Butterworth (University of Texas-Austin, USA), Tang Tang (Kent State University, USA) and Jacco van Sterkenburg (Erasmus University, NLD) along with a distinguished international Editorial Board.

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